Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mangalitsa Pig Project

Jason and Dan drove to Iowa to buy Mangalitsa pigs last week. The Mangalitsa pig is a Hungarian lard type breed known for it's flavor and beautiful creamy white fat. The chefs built an outdoor pen at Fountain Prairie Farms, where they will raise the pigs.
These pigs were purchased from Heath Putnam who runs and operates Wooly Pigs.

The pigs are fed a mixture of soy and corn until the last two to three months of their lives. They can be finished on a number of different types of feed depending on the desired flavor. We are still deciding on what to finish these pigs on. Most likely we will use a combination of nuts and barley. Check out these pigs at the Wooly Pig farm in Washington.
There are three different varieties of pigs in the pen. Three are pure breed Mangalitsas. The other two varieties are crossed with a Berkshire breed.